Sshh! My Brother’s Sleeping 

Ssshh!  My Brother’s Sleeping 


Of the earth, the soil and life’s refrain,

I lay in toil of solemn days, over light’s infusion,

to never speak across the other person.


In the silence of today, tomorrow will defer

upon the tides of never, and my tears will seep from your stolen smiles,

into a place for tired and weary eyes…


This is where I’ll catch your aromas, inhale your presence,

feel the comfort of your touch and the symptoms of sadness 

from where you whisper “what’s the world coming to”.


I hear the distant storms pass, feel warmer than last night, and hate the fact the world turns just the same without you, albeit (in my words) a bit slower.


Of the sky, the moon and pleasant spring tides,

I miss you more, the way you turn your head and ask for nothing……


In this moment of encapsulated wealth, I know you’ll reside by sides, and will fragrant my heart with hope, whilst you’re sleeping…


Fall of emotion


©Nick Hawkins, 2017 all poetry rights reserved


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