To Where You Truly Belong

To  Where You Truly Belong


Here I stand alone, to where my strength is my solitude,

wide open to the hounds of age on the ravages of tides,

battered by the storms of loneliness, I remain,

singular in vision and at one with my pride .


Quiet of field, pastured and solemn in respite…

…you will not see my subsidence upon this Fall ,

where Mother Nature’s presence yields my politest smile

next to the door of  her Winter’s call .


I’ll stand tall, strong and fearless by sight,

still , amidst arriving flurries of the morrows snow ,

which will sit silently light on shoulders stripped bare of emotion

from the life of which now, I forego .


Minutes slip, hours pass, tears roll by wills of the moons

…days ride, months toil and a year gained ,

as I stare long over a stagnant horizon of  little change…

…..yet I still forever am a remaining soul without you.


Here I stand , my strength is my solace in continuing grief,

I’m now wise to torrents of blizzards in cold temperate song ,

waging solitary battles to ward off the beasts of brutal sadness…

and breathe right here, to where you truly belong .


Nick Hawkins, © all poetry rights reserved 18.07.17


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