Shadow of Love


Shadow of Love


Tonight I’ll be defending my reasons,

for a freshening breeze to cleanse my mind,

to walk open fields and look to the moon

where its honest integrity finds,

this man on the horizons of smiling,

free from the torture of playing life games,

who wishes to reside in the shadow of love,

out from this world, that’s just not the same.




© Nick Hawkins 2017, all poetry rights reserved


3 thoughts on “Shadow of Love

  1. Your writing has taken on a very different tone dear Nick…it’s beautiful, but almost melancholy, poignant. Hope you’re well and life is treating you with kindness! From the Lady of Richmond, remember ynwa! Kathryn

  2. Hi Kathryn, thanks for your kind words, coming from a top poet who I regard so highly is such a compliment. Life does turn corners and we’re never to old to finally mature and I feel I can write what I feel now, rather than write just to please. Having a inspirational Muse helps, but I’m writing less now and hopefully getting quality over quantity.
    How’s things over the pond with you, are you happy in yourself and have you found your ‘lifetime’ friend yet :).

    Finally, where are posting now, have you your own page or posting over a selection of places…..I’m not aware of you having you’re own page, it would be lovely to have access to your brilliant poetry on one shelf so to say…..

    Take care, Lady of Richmond xx

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