Wonders of You

Wonders of You


Why sit and pull your hair out…

..when there’s nothing left to say,

better to flow with cerebral rivers

lapping shores you quietly lay.

Why invite souls of mediocrity..

..to blot your landscapes green,

when blooms will arrive in nature’s time

and the wonders of you are seen.


Why lie in bed and beat your thoughts..

..watering wells of a self made doubt,

wait for lucid seas of delicate image..

..to ride dreams on roundabouts.

Why torture hunger by shallow declarations..

..of cheap and natty rhyme,

when deep invitations by musing ghosts

arouse your tastes for deep divine.


Why leave your mirror on a bedside table..

..in a room that’s not your own,

and your brain in a jar of quiet loneliness

in a world you can’t condone.

Why play the songs already heard

come write a melody new,

splash something that colours monochromic worlds

create the wonders of being you.




 ©Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved 2017


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