Dandelion Summer


This is her Dandelion Summer,

promising promenade walks, and long hazy bathes,

cotton wool clouds drifting aimlessly by,

on sweltering temperate days.


This is her moment for swing easy dancing,

that caress and dress her away,

across 10 mile sandy beaches, with sandcastle bedrooms,

riding white horses upon curvical waves.


This is her Dandelion Summer

where bright stars and comets soulfully unite,

into a flamboyance of never-ending colourful wishes,

running laughter long into her nights.


This is the day she yearns for…

…no inward dark evenings where rain weeps within,

to a happier place, where her mind floats furthest above,

her Summer that is yet to begin.


This is her Dandelion Summer

beckoning drinks from her imaginations disguise,

upon warm nights ascending over these emerald horizons,

she’s living dreams now breathing her life……..



©Nick Hawkins 1/12/12, all poetry rights reserved, image rights retained by owner


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