Wild Strawberries & Lace

I’m loving this spring meadow of sincerity,
the gentle breeze amongst tall grasses,
a whisper between colours of bloom,
as I kick back my heels for an afternoon amble,
surrounded by wild strawberries and lace..

Here I am, one of Mother Nature’s mugwumps,
bewitched by her glorious carpet of sweet scented aromas,
whilst imaging our best hands cradling precious moments of life’s faith and desire….

Serene breathes beauty under my blue skies, and aimless white clouds,with the still quiet peppered by melodic birdsong chasing away the wasp, timid field mice foraging for wild succulents of these red berry giants, indicating I’m in heaven today….

Here I am an oxygen dweller, occupying space not mine,
and yet the continuing sounds of a pending summer invite me to stay longer in this meadow I now lay,
a field squatter of sorts,
idling within this surreal babylon of wild strawberries and sunshine….

© Nick.Hawkins, all poetry copyright reserved 01/05/17


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