The Boy From Here

The man I am today is far removed from the boy I was yesterday,

last year, or only ever then,

for there is light upon the farthest beacon that has dimmed amongst the mists of sea air and throughout father time.

To what place has my youthful glance,

innocence and spring to my step disappeared,

as I amble across the Downs on these infantile days of another new year.

I fear ‘The Boy’ has left, the smile distinguished,

and emotional wounds left open to the hounds of wind,

rain and inclemency of age waiting around every corner to embellish my decadence.

The youth I rolled with from yesteryear sits proudly in the past,

with my brothers and closest friends,

laughing indignantly at those we dare to observe and mock,

never forgetting that magnetism of what was ours to roam,

during those endless long hot Summer’s and warm nights………

© Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved March 2017


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