See Love Live Forever

Perfumed fragrances of poetry, whisper through blossoms of sadness and lay at the feet of solace, leaving memories for those worth remembering and nothing for those forbode……..

Silent hues from shades of life, linger onto long empty shores where footsteps and laughter echo, filling the void left by the serenity of being alone…….

Where once was a bustling cauldron of highs and lows remains to be quiet, as we pursue what was our loved and cherished, in a time we could breathe knowing someone cared……

All we’re left with, is what we arrived with ‘ourselves’, and in-between was life, a time to where we will return, to treasure and hold eternally those we held in the highest……

Don’t live for yesterday, last year, tomorrow or next week, live for today, smile with your strength and war with your pain, embrace those you love, because it’s the least requisite….

Look into the eyes of fate with the knowledge you will be reborn unto where you came and rise from the ashes of sorrow into a vibrant world we call ‘home’ to see love live forever……………


© All poetry rights to Nick Hawkins reserved


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