My 2016 Smile

You’re my 2016 smile, the one that sat patiently in the background waiting, as a torrid emotional war raged and sadness eventually conquered my soul.

Bombs exploded, foundations tumbled, your love lost, whilst invites to melancholia and mourning entered through this neverending ‘fall’…..

As the smoke, stench of grieving and unhappiness clears, I feel the warmth, civility and touch of your soft hand as you lead me into this doorway of 2017, 

a fresh moment, another opportunity, perhaps a chance to exhale as the abhorrent autumnal days of ’16 drain away my tears into an estuary of painful yesterdays, whilst your omnipresence becomes my only hope for tomorrow.

Within the darkness, appears light, an unknown dawn approaches, your reminiscent and kindred spirit remains like the eternal sentinel and guides me from this seat to the place your patience breathes, and the smile I search for every morning..  xxxx 

©  All rights reserved, Nick Hawkins 2016


2 thoughts on “My 2016 Smile

  1. Thanks KTJ, how lovely of you to comment, it’s been a difficult period and my Muse a darkened soul currently, but all poets have such kind responses and yours no exception. I hope all is well with you and your family. Regards and wishes for 2017…ynwa 🙂

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