Soulful Spirit

Soulful Spirit

It’s written between the lines, letters, words, laughter and tears.

Life brings us to our knees when we least expect it, only for our soulful spirit to raise us from despair.

Oh, to be between these lines,
a tightrope walk of erupting volcanoes, emotional insanities, and loss of faith to be found.

Vacuity fills in the presence of calming vowels and dedicated voices,
whispering to unravel true sentiments of peace, friendship and dear love.

Etched sincerities and soft invitational hands, never wanting to cease from leading, or being held, guide our minds out from this nowhere….

Uniting of arms between these lines, protect genuine smiles, as their unerring sixth senses stop to cherish the true value of who or what we have today, rather than take for granted what we may lose tomorrow ….


© Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved 17/12/16


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