Lovers,Writers & Thieves

A tribute to all those Lovers, Writers & Thieves I adore, and the words and emotions they create to help fluorish….


Lovers, Writers & Thieves


I embrace my winter fires with spirits of great Lovers, Writer’s and Thieves, whilst adsorbing emotional traits from these prominent bards of laid bare verse and rhyme.

I inhale deeply before these glowing embers of the ‘regarded’ who gently caress my heart, before stealing it.

You see, it’s the syllables and meters, kisses and crimes, the way they shift sands, drift over continents whilst slipping into morning through a distant spring window.

I observe words and movement crafted from these silk likened minds, posted as paper planes or setting sail from meagre ports of solitary remarks, paragliding under dark clouds of grief over mountainous oceans of laughter and love, heading for minds going to sleep or eyes just waking to yet another day of age (Happy Birthday !).

Uniquely attired stanzas are cerebrally holding court with declaring infinitus addictions and treasures I care for, as elegant prose delicately spreads endless warmth to cooling tears on my rainy days, allowing sunlight to radiate those cold and lonely minutes, infusing cheer to ascend over many an ambered horizon.

I breathe through these picturesque images and parchments, that keep me smiling into my morrows, but only after their delicate yesterdays, that have given comfort to this flickering fireside light that can never be distinguished.

I hear the vocal sincerity of an unheard voice, calling out for no-one, and yet yearning for someone just to listen, 

this all, as my stare focuses on the embered coals of another winter, smitten with these Lovers, Writers and Thieves…..



©Nick Hawkins , all rights reserved 2016


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