My Old Soft Shoes

My Old Soft Shoes

A dedication to life friends


Life friends, my old soft shoes, everlasting and crafted,

feeling relaxed and at ease with every step taken together,

etched as an essential part of life, and shaped into one’s heart..

… the perfect fit.


No tantrums or raised voices from within these miles travelled,

where only laughter and loyalty has filled the air,

encompassing a unique embrace that tells our story of a bond unrequited.


No goodbyes last forever here,

no handshake a false statement of wishes,

no hug a chore or foil,

yet the honesty of words spoken, infuse unrivalled equality and trust.


Friendship remains forever sparse in wear,

and feels as it did when youth smiled fresh and comfortably effortless,

deep in their souls of body and mind, bonded by faith….

….just like my old soft shoes.





©Nick Hawkins all rights reserved 2016


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