Time for Home

Time for Home


And there we were on the cusp of footsteps heavy,

heading slowly toward favour and refreshment,

long walks can be arduous and tiring…

…but evesong birds sang as we finally headed home.

The sunset was in its descendancy..

….and we in ours, as nature was at one with this late afternoon.

Calling off our fall into the village,

our pace quickened and so did our many feet,

a cooling breeze mixed with warm wearying breath…

…our presence inheriting the countryside’s valour.

Shadows of adornment remained green…

…albeit in forty shades of pastoral relations,

passing greetings from locals heading out…

…heralding those (us) heading back in,

tired limbs and thirst for freedom still to be quenched…

We made our way toward a welcome sanctuary of water and rest,

late day culmination of park-life is paradise to the few,

tomorrow we may well be here again,

but for now it’s time for home….



Nick Hawkins Poetry, all rights reserved



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