Tiny Dancer

Finally after 9 years, the follow up to ‘Ruby Red Shoes’ makes it’s bow. If Ruby Red Shoes was a metaphor for all that is good in life, then Tiny Dancer represents friendship, love and ultimate loyalty in pulling friends and loves through life storms and showing them the positives of being loved.

Tiny Dancer


Tiny Dancer pirouettes through dark corridors of thought

in resplendent redress she weaves and contorts,

holding life’s candle, lighting shadows that fade

she paves illumination and dances onto his stage.


Her movement in elegance is seemless and smooth

she’s eclipses her tutu’d, feathering moon,

a moment recurring, an audient beguiled

now sensing a longing, she’s captured his smile.


Weightless symphonia, a ghostly refrain

she unravels and twists through his sadness and pain,

streaming as tears, she swan dips bowing in grace

unlocking the doors to his incarcerated faith.


Tiny Dancer pirouettes toward freedom and light

having turned his corners and opened his eyes,

in resplendent redress she still weaves and contorts

her radiant pose etched forever within his orchards of thought.



©Nick Hawkins, 1.5.16, all poetry rights reserved






One thought on “Tiny Dancer

  1. Beautiful Nick! Still dancing on this side of the pond, so can’t help but smile at this. YNWA, Kathryn

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