Last Person Standing

“Love those, that love you the most “


When worlds crash apart

and seas separate lands,

there’s a thought that people…

…will hold out their hands.

Help one another…

…into a place and a time,

where they will infuse delicate moments,

preventing decline.


When skies fall to earth

and buildings collapse,

there is a hope that humans…

…will be the first to react.

But alas I think not,

this isn’t the case,

for there are beautiful minds…

…that are taking our place.


When the earthquakes rock

and the hurricanes blow,

Who will you turn too ?

Who do you know ?

A companion to stand by…

…grasping tightly by hands,

or will everyone be wandering…

…across their own barren lands.


When the time arrives,

as days turn to night,

who would be your saviour…

…guiding your light ?

Because, when all points toward…

….your last token of breath,

this last person standing,

may be all you have left……..




© Nick Hawkins Poetry , all poetry rights copyrighted. 20/04/16


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