Infatuation (Sacred Heart)

Infatuation (Sacred Heart)


Even in sunlight, I never dreamt you would want to leave.

I never pictured the repercussions of a soft duvet rustle becoming still.

Did the blue sky make you miss home, was the safety of strong arms in darkness just my imaginary foil for your laughter and desires unto morning ?

Has the real you surfaced and followed tracks of supposed reality back to the time you frequent, leaving wishes alone in the wilderness, lying next to the warmth of what could have been ?

I hang from the eaves in all my glory, recurring images of the sacred heart that has left me stagnant, whilst speeding off to the wiles of another infatuation.

Even in my mind I never dreamt you would leave, but then again in the cold light of day, perhaps you were never here.



(© Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved. This poem was exclusively published at the ‘Prompts’ page of Vox Poetica out of New Jersey, US w/e 25/3/11)


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