I’m Not Scared Of Dying

I’m Not Scared Of Dying

I'm not scared of dying
the steep endless steps to climb
an anticipated wait at a heavenly gate
my walk, my peace, my time.....

I don't fear the beautiful freedom
the dance across open fields
the sun eclipsing dewy orchards
weighted cross I shed to yield.

I look forward to seeing 'my favourite faces'
I thought I may never glimpse again
the open arms and warm embrace
confided spirits now regained.

I'm not scared of resurrection 
the continuance of a journey spent alone
sitting meadows, counting rainbows
appearance soft in boyhood glows...

I'm not wary of this solitary peace
an eternal touch from the father's hand
as he leads me, to my infinitus moment
a garden, in a pain free wonderland.

© All poetry rights reserved, Nick Hawkins 2016

One thought on “I’m Not Scared Of Dying

  1. This is solemn but sweet and full of peace my dear Nick. Hopes that this is only a contemplation and not prompted by any sort of personal incidence. Remember your friend across the pond thinks of you often and still admires your heartfelt works! YNWA, Kathryn (aka Lady of Richmond)

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