Aged Foe

Aged Foe


Warrior of sorts, scarred and feral,

no reverse, in offence he stares,

he stares, and he stares….


Blink or shy away, not,

for he remains, fixed glare all so mean,

he guards for intruders, no danger seen


Battle weary, aged foe,

no one’s coming near, distance sought,

time to stare, for he stares, he stares…..


Seeking warmth closing gentle eyes,

sleep appropriates life serene,

sight and sound alarms the scents, of where no stranger comes between.





© Nick Hawkins, 4-4-16, all rights reserved.



10 thoughts on “Aged Foe

  1. Hi Marc, with Mother’s Day upon us there is also a Mother related feline short on my blog called Lie Still if you would like to use at some point, no pressure lol!! 🙂

  2. No problem, the first one is ‘Lie Still’ and the second one is a poem I had written for my grandson back in 2004 about a cat next door called ‘Santa Claus’ a festive reflective’……hope you enjoy, we’ve follwed your page now and will view your interesting posts with a refreshed view of our feline friends lol !!

    Links below, thanks 🙂

  3. Perfect thank you :). Will let you know when they feature. And Awww thank you ^^ if you ever wanna do a general cat guest post let me know. We feature a different guest star every Saturday 🙂

  4. Rocky (or Fez) as we know him has a little story of his own, I may draft a short to you at some point, if ok!! and will send some pics also, that’s him in the Aged Foe poem image.

    Thanks again Marc 🙂

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