Cherry Falls

Light fingers trace across baring arms,

a touch to dismiss the pain,

glancing toward her Cherry Falls….

…she’s wanting love again.

Eloquent fragrance casts lightly over…

…these shards of a broken heart,

repairing each petal and delicate leaf,

he (God) pulls tight what’s torn apart.

Heavenly whispers translate angelic verse,

erasing scars our grieving breathes,

as resurrections from reminiscent image

fall soft from Cherry Fall dreams



©wASPYPOET, all poetry rights reserved 2016


2 thoughts on “Cherry Falls

  1. Beautifully penned Nick! Your wording is lyrical and the feeling it evokes is calming. You still have the ability to move me with your light, verbal touch. YNWA, Kathryn

  2. Thanks Kathryn, your critique is always what I value, when a top writer yourself takes time to stop by and read and always be so positive. Time for me to stop by and read some of your beautiful poetry 🙂 x

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