Best Coats & Favourite Wellies

Best Coats & Favourite Wellies

It couldn’t all have been so bad,
there are nostalgic smiles in second worlds,
and yesterdays (first worlds) seem a million miles away,
where we once stood embracing rain infused innocence, childlike contentment, and sometimes mum’s hand that always miraculously made things better.

Running away was to play for hours
with friends and villans,
in fields I called love, protecting someone else’s prize scalp
whilst pondering mine……

In best coat and favourite wellies, we often drowned in images beyond our stare, silence greeted questions toward what may lay ahead, surely the burnt out letters on car bonnets should have read ‘that in infancy I would never have to worry about anything other than when I’d be found….’

There was I secure amongst old friends and baby faced secrets, trying to understand simple equations of why I loved home cooking, coal fires, warm beds and candy lined dreams , that were in no time at all outnumbered by years of leafing pages introducing maturity, responsibilities and raw emotions of these forthcoming second worlds.

It couldn’t all have been so bad…………..

Nick Hawkins, © all poetry rights only reserved 2010


One thought on “Best Coats & Favourite Wellies

  1. Wonderful write dear Nick! Oh to be a child again eh? Carefree with nothing more to do than wish upon a star. Hope you are well and happy dear heart. I am alone once again…my relationship ended back in June. Contentment is slowly returning and Cinderella is back to waiting on her prince to show! Be well dear heart. YNWA, Kathryn, Lady of Richmond 😉

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