Plains For A Beautiful Life

Plains For A Beautiful Life


For in the glory of the written word,

amongst living sadness, heavy with strife,

you can’t borrow breath from an air not yours

giving darkness its own form of life.

For in immense pride of vanity, desperately sought,

I’m afraid this isn’t for you…

as persons who call at these seventeen steps,

are those who remain with the truth.

Past transgressions in dubious accords,

remain forever locked in the vaults of secure,

and roads travelled light in distant regard,

still pleasure heaven’s of reminiscently pure.

Lines emitting from poetical a mind,

wish the suitors of freedom and love soft hands,

tis’ never a concern of thy reality..

..when delicate steps devote familiar lands.

Smile when it’s time to forever let go,

move on for good fortune and fight,

wishes glorified in true written words…

..will lie in your plains for a beautiful life…


©Nick Hawkins 2010, all poetry rights reserved


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