So Gentle & Kind

New for a 2016 wish……


So Gentle And Kind


From the depths of another year,

are borne fragments of another time, 

giving breath to new smiles,

and a dedication that’s mine.

Within the air of a winter breeze,

there’s inviting warmth from heartfelt fires,

upon an open grate where hot coals have gathered,

is found a New Year of new desires.

January arrives with an aura of expectation, 

delivering a tingle down my spine, 

for twelve months have passed in a stranger’s world,

now this time the endeavour’s mine.

Cured of our misery and removed from our pains,

We travel this road from our past,

can now look to the skies and wish upon wish,

knowing our options are wealthy and vast.

Happy New Year to those who were here,

in moments my deliverances declined, 

to walk heavy footsteps on the weariest of days,

you stepped forward so gentle and kind.  



© 5/12/07(revised 2015) – Onwards  Individual Authors of the Poetry.  All poetry rights reserved by Nick Hawkins

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