Travelling Light

Hope leads us the way to tomorrows smiles………


Travelling Light

My mind it goes a wandering
to the stream of solemn thought
where I sit besides life’s soft refrain
to erase the weight, of course.
For I think of a bright tomorrow
and the smiles we’ve shared in time
closing my eyes to sounds of your laughter
as we leave today behind…….

© All poetry rights reserved, Nick Hawkins 2015



One thought on “Travelling Light

  1. Dear heart Nick, This brief poem speaks to my soul and creates the impression you had someone specific in mind when you wrote it…the photo is precisely how I’ve been feeling of late. My three year romance is over, sadly, and though I’ve tried to move on it’s been difficult at best. I’m considering selling my house, paying off all of my post divorce debt, and becoming a rambler. I need a change and all things I see and reading are pointing to it…including this poem. The title ‘Travelling Light is a phrase I used in my poem Baggage on PP. Perhaps it is time for me to divest myself of the material accumulations of a not so fairy tale life and move on to other horizons. Be well my friend and thank you for letting me know ynwa. Best as always, Kathryn

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