The Saddest Man In The World

The saddest man in the world

is not necessarily the unhappiest,

as he weaves his way through the maze of life..

..pools of tears can be found around every hopeful exit,

but dead-ends are his forte.


He is an optimist without a smile,

an actor beyond his dreams,

acceptance of friendship is not so… can feel welcome at your peril,

only the very few are invited.


Knowing smirks and assassin eyes,

separate the wanted from the not,

smiling looks undress your personality.. only befalls the few disciples of faith.

Who can he trust ?


The path of life strips him of love..

..and replaces it with the cold experience of fear,

fear of disloyalty, hate and loneliness.

Tread carefully on his eggshell existence,

as it won’t be long before something breaks !!


The saddest man in the world,

will not cry tears for a Judas,

he will honour his feelings to a true friend,

you cannot break his heart, it’s already broken,

but god bless the soul who makes him love again !!





©Nick Hawkins 2004, all poetry rights reserved


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