Dearest Prudence

Dearest Prudence

Whilst calling at the height of winter
you came to keep thy warm,
away from the streets of deceit and conspire
and into respiteful reform.
Beautifully you posed as prudent reprise
deliberating smiles you adorn,
how do you carry the weight forebeared
on this cold December morn.

If hope you give in elegance and strength
guides us away from hells of today,
and back into gentle arms so gracefully open
we’ve bathed in your fragranced refrain.
Surreptitiously silent footsteps incurred
why does nobody know you came ?
so how do you love, in words of discreet
Dearest Prudence, I know you only by name.

Soft comforts invite your calling again
I’m seeking pleasures you provocatively incite,
whilst calling once more you lighten the doors
on this eve we’re calling tonight.
You’ll leave by the turn of the morrows
and whisper away with the breeze,
Dear Prudence you keep the fires alive
and for this I’m thanking you please.

Breathe I unto the quietest response
for in absence you beckon my glance,
away from the moments life interrupts
our remotest of meetings by chance.
Here I bequeathe, holding hands to a friend
who has resuscitated a will to survive,
simply regarded forever, my picture of you
Dearest Prudence you’ve kept me alive.


Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved and copyrighted 26/12/09


One thought on “Dearest Prudence

  1. Ahh dear Nick as always your words softly caress the heart where sweetest memories play to the tune of ‘Empty’ where country girl skirts held high in fields of happier times your beautiful write resuscitates memories as I remember the beauty of your writing….Mary Jo

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