Prose for Life

Prose for Life


Of fear arrives sanctuary,

from a trace of tears…

…comes the courage to face the greatest enemy,

in a moment where time appears less,

there is hope, strength and dedication in the unlikeliest place,

a friend from where ?


Adversity brings determination,

a stroll through the land of solemn resides…

…endears that of we never thought.

Life throws surprises and miracles,

I turned and there was my day…

…sunrise awoke my time and hour to face my demon


In the light of morning nothing is as seems,

in reality my biggest foe is my greatest ally.

a comfort and love beyond a dearest wish.

A beast to be feared is a beast who loves,

never pre-empt what is? 

and embrace all that you never dreamed.

For this my friend is our moment.


©Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved 2010


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