Voices Are Talking Again

From the screwed up handkerchief remnant

To the napkin scribbled in vain

I’m breathing with words falling from life

And writing of living again


Jotting upon bus ticket tablets

Going over rhymes descending from rain

Verses slip into repetitive ordering

Voices are talking again


Walking with flowing conundrums

Vowels echoing against walls of refrain

I’m looking to skies and asking the questions

Why am I crying again ?


Sitting with ghosts of my pastimes

I assemble deliverance from delicate kinds

Hailstorms of thoughts ridicule peace

As I drown unto poetry minds


From the notes on the cafe table

To the etches upon windows pained

It’s something unwritten exorcising rights

To be breathed within airs of restrain


Whether I’m scrawling on papering reasons

Or doodling arcs over rainbow trains

Carving image from letters and scribes

Means I’m living with voices again


©Nick.Hawkins 30/3/10, all poetry rights reserved




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