Tweed Hat & Soft Shoes

Privately, she whispered to me from beneath her tweed hat and soft shoes

informing me that all the world resembled her quaint residence,

that Colonel Arthur Bantry is just like the King,

tall, elegant, well mannered and assumed, whilst Dolly Bantry resembled the Queen,

astute, eloquently dressed and regally aligned with all her subjects.


Quietly, she cat-walked the curve of the village green toward the old post office,

morning gatherings are the rage, idol gossip a rich vein of press and an avenue for her cold blood

to run for the truth behind the curtains of middle England,

where green is the prominent shade and everything ‘not what it seems’


Stealthily she would head home, to tender her garden and inhale the air of St Mary Mead,

keeping it pure, policing its neat hedges, carefully mowed lawns and soft silk petals,

ensuring the dregs of society are negated by their similarity to Mrs Mcgillicuddy or the Vicar


Privately she whispered to me from beneath her tweed hat and soft shoes,

Informing me that she knew the village like the back of her hand,

And along with it, the rest of the world……..


Miss Marple & Dolly Bantry

Miss Marple & Dolly Bantry



Nick Hawkins 10/4/15, all rights reserved



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