Painting Faces

Painting Faces (Love Me, Til I’m Me Again)


Changing costumes, painting faces….

Unassuming symbolic change,

Remaining simple in heart and soul…

Our stage is never the same.


Actors, clowns and flowing gowns

A theatrical tour de force,

Treading the boards of poetic reprise

Vibrance of colours, our only recourse.


Changing scenes from Winter to Spring

Descripto’s of words breathing verse,

Hidden metaphors in the trees of our Summers

Leaving winds of ‘Fall’ to disperse.


Peoples, reasons and change of seasons

Walking valleys of abandon today,

So you the reader, can escape within worlds

Of dreams dressed in masquerades.


Changing lives and roads to Rome

Absently leading to abodes discreet,

Where persons living at an house of incitement

Could be walking your very same street.


Changing of costumes and painted faces

Isn’t a question for where we reside,

It’s the acting of wanting to be at one

With the face we’re trying to hide


Nick Hawkins © 2009, all rights reserved.


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