Breathing From Shadows

The Boy From Here delivers a ‘Sherlockian’ related offing for early 2015………


Breathing From Shadows


From the cold of the darkness surrounding…

…there’s a need to be closer tonight,

I feel delicate limbs grasping for freedom…

…wanting escape across cerebral delights.

For out of the corridors, suffocation is threatening…

…to expose the want of the mind,

There comes a hound blessed with strength…

…breathing from shadows behind beauty sublime.


From the still of snow laden pavements…

…to a shivering on the doorsteps forbode,

Arrives the comfort of knowing there’s a spirit beholding…

…the reasons and need to implode.

For the feeling of keeping life securely at one…

…away from the raglan robes of the devils soul,

Is given by the cloak who watches over…

…from the shadows of not wanting control.


From all the avenues leading to fog draped corners….

…where trees sway with the breezes forlorn,

Comes the minutes nature has decided are real…

…it’s the moment true loving is borne.

For the symmetry aligning two minds…

…protects hearts in which trust dearly evolves,

and the perfectionist who smiles for the one he adores…

…always remains in her shadow’s resolved




© Nick Hawkins Poetry , all rights copyrighted and reserved 1/11/2008


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