Just Like My Summer

Just Like My Summer….


Autumn has passed and yet the leaves keep falling, clouds keep rolling,

persistent rain assumes her fragrant light patters,

as I stare from these lonely windows.


A solitary glance addicts to these dark sullen skies,

whilst grey matter thoughts of never wanting to move forward

keeps the wolf from my door and the cold from moving in.


I can smile from the inside, whilst outside

I’m cold, abrasive and changeable,

It’s here I sit from a chair of warmth, letting my demons fight themselves,

awaiting a Spring chorus from a horizon of nowhere,

to release me from an impending Winter coma,

of never-ending Monday’s and short weekends.


No let up yet, as leaves keep falling (tears keep falling),

slow, melancholic and weightless in grace,

they dance in a soft elegance

of declining red, brown and yellow waves

not wanting to be the first to die,

just like my summer….





© Nick Hawkins, 6/1/15 all rights reserved



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