The Never Moons

The Never Moons was written whilst in deep despair over the most desperate of emotions……loss.

15 and a half  years and a truly great friend walks, but never returns for his lead, the enormity of a void left by our softly friend ‘Raff’ still remains one of life’s lowest points.


The Never Moons


I tried to caress your face today,

I’ve closed my eyes whilst deep in thought, I’ve watched home DVD’s, perused photographs and replayed life over in tight naps.


In reality you’ve left, gone, and now once an unforgettable friend is fading, sadness is in the ascendancy and continued longing breathes shallow.


So remains the pain, the pain of not being able to recall precious remnants of what was…., or immersing in tactility one more time.


Memories dance like stars impersonating your precious love lost, inhaling tempering sunsets of treasured smiles and exhaling regret, as I give my heart to the Never Moons.


Sunrise will be tomorrow’s past, with each day wrapped in cotton wool and cherished words, keeping soft touch and possession’s close,

for there is no re-working the dusty minute hands from yesterday’s clock,

and even though I offered my heavy heart, immortality for today is out of reach.


I tried to caress your face today…..x


The Never Moon


(Dedicated to the memory of our ‘Softly Friend’ 21/5/93 – 10/12/09)



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