In Flanders Fields…

Laying Flanders Fields…


Ravaged by the endless march

Fallen by waysides, carefully ordained

Digging from dawn to dampening dusk

Only our fortunes now remain

Reminiscing dark days, silently abhorred

Smoking cigarettes in trenches subdued

All I can think of doing today

Is being at home, with you


Rain seems so wet, when it’s freshly worn

Longcoat weighing heavy on my soul

I’m carrying bodies away from battles

So we can fight for the right to be born

I dive amidst sought for reprieves

A corner to write lines, very few

Tears well in the lap of eternal sorrows

I wish I was home, with you


Screaming for support on the frontline

Are stragglers left out all alone

I need to find strength getting besides

Not leaving brothers to fight on their own

I fall sudden staring up at the night skies

From gunfire and flares coming fumes

I’m still and in pain surrounded by angels

I find myself gazing at you


I’m lying entrenched in mud and the mire

Crimson rivers have carried me here

Perched upon trees, I’m above cauldrons of war

My pain now subsided by fear

Morning mists, no one’s calling my name

Echoed cries and wailings for truth

I’ve fought to the ends with dedicated breath

In Flanders fields I’m waiting for you





© Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved 2011



2 thoughts on “In Flanders Fields…

  1. Oh Nick, I just adore this poem! It brought tears to my eyes and chills up my spine. With tomorrow being Veterans Day here in the states, I will share this with my friends on my FB page. We sometimes forget here in the states how many have fought and died all of the world for our freedoms. Thank you for sharing! Kathryn (ynwa)

  2. Thanks Kathryn as you know I always value the opinions of the poets I adore and your critique is one I truly value. I now have a community Facebook page open to all called The Boy From Here which links to the WordPress site….thank you dearly for your feedback and please start a WordPress or FB poetry page where your poetry can be shared ynwa 🙂

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