Boys I Call Friends……

The penultimate from the ‘War in Verse’ series is the deep ‘Boys I Call Friends’, taken from the fields of Ypres and into 2012 was the words of fear, friendships and the unknown of war…..


Boys I Call Friends (Soldier Poet Series)


I was born of once to sit and wait

in deep trenches of no return,

down fields of names I can’t pronounce

where friends for friends, now yearn.

I’m seeping water from boots weighed down

huddled close for fear of dark,

crackling glows from weapons of choice

bowed heads to where sleep embarks.


Distant cries for Mum or Dad

“brother, are you there ?’”

 Can I go home to tender flowers of Eden

in gardens we love to share.

I was given the passage to sit and wait

my time would be driven by thine,

looking for the white in an Englishman’s eyes

who may never lay down to die.


I wander the barren, call for my goal

by the sword I’ll search endless whiles,

for that private who left me at 9 in the evening

sitting trenches and shadowing guile.

I tap on his shoulder, tender his pain

hold still his pure spirit in arms,

his last breathe is the love for brethren on shores

waving light toward a son of lost psalms.


I was digging a grave meant for my tears

crouching solely beside the man I knew, not

but he was my friend during moments to die

in darkness our Ypres foregot.

I fall to my knees, sodden rains tie me down

alongside these angels forbidden at dawn,

tired limbs amble over young boys dressed

in the guns of the descendents now born.


I lie still and awake on squalid sandbags cold,

is this nightmare, a path to my ends ?

Will I ever see the family I truly love ?

Or lay forever with these boys I call friends ?





© wASPYPOET, all rights reserved 2012


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