War in Verse…….Sorrows of Begotten

War in Verse reaches its climax with the final 3 poems leading to Remembrance Sunday, first up for the weekend is ‘Sorrows of Begotten’, perhaps there should never be favourites, but this is special…….


Sorrows of Begotten


We may have tomorrow and no more

for rivers run in courses, streams fall fair

rippling smiles die within stages of time

as blood seeps soft into lakes of despair


Has the hour dealt its last hands of war

as clouds ease past, embracing our brave sons

quiet is broken by the guns of breaking battle

into submissions of families undone


If we have January and no more

can we sit alone on the peak of sustain

wrap the tired limbs of yesterday’s pleasure

into an infinity where happiness abstains


Will the moon collide within collapses of sky

sleep be disturbed once and for ever all

and the Gods tumble into mere mortality

whilst mankind descends screaming in falls


For there be January and no more

in arms, let these soldiering spirits reside

never be a place eyes will close forgotten

last words will whisper goodbyes


Take leave from sorrows of begotten

fight from trenches of darkness then borne

where hell is the place they’ll awake in the morning

to breathe once in our tomorrow’s no more



Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved 2011


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