War in Verse…….Stay Dry From The Rain

War in Verse series continues toward Remembrance Sunday with Wednesday’s ‘Stay Dry from the Rain’……..

Stay Dry From The Rain
To ne’er let go, is to ne’er say goodbye
to stand is to ne’er walk away
to adore is to cherish the reasons for beauty
and to kneel is alone when you pray
To cry by sides, is to show emotional resolve
to desire for eventual reside
to grieve on the tide of dawns awakening
in this time your presence abides
To shelter from storms, is to stay dry from the rain
to let life pass by, not a crime
when absence prevails in breathing cold air
perhaps you know it is time
To lie on a bed made of marble and stone
to sleep in a world now gently perceived
life is a gateway to rising again
and in regard be truly received
To love is to hold and never let go
to mourn is epitome’s grace
find solace and silence in respecting of truths
and let beauty remain in its place




©Nick Hawkins 17/3/10, all rights reserved


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