Disciples of Faith

 Disciples Of Faith


From where we stand, is where we fall

holding in arms our reasons to breathe,

assuming of love shouldn’t be taken lightly

as of the once, in a moment we grieve.


From where we sit, and where we’ll lay

on the carpets of mother earth,

each one pleasure’s their disciples of faith

producing refreshments for quenching thirsts.


From the walk of desire, and food for lust

we’ll pick the ripest of fruits to eat,

succulent flavours will spill from our mouths

leaving hunger for more complete.


From where we’re borne, to the place we’ll die

love will capture the beat of our heart,

for the simple treasures of being adored

create the emotions that tear us apart.


From where we stand, to where we fall

don’t let go of the gasps from respite,

for when assassins attack and oppression sets in

only disciples will honour their knights.






©3/7/08 – Onwards  Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by

Nick Hawkins


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