The Emotional Alchemist

The Emotional Alchemist


There’s a writing on the wall scribing…

‘you’re the one who’s escaped rituals of pain,

now you can deliver discretions reasons

defending other sufferers from feeling the same’


I hear she creates solemnity in quiet voices

calming a sensual visionary way,

as the tone of words her relations need…

…guide them through life today.


There’s an aura ascending wise heads

perhaps influences from days gone by,

as the Alchemist conjours whispers of wisdom

that splits the truth, behind the lies


If a sacred angel was surely suited

to curing the dilemmas of suffering souls,

lifting their heads observing life ceasing…

….their loves from aging and old.


Here sits the Emotional Alchemist

reducing life’s pains to lasting whiles,

whilst preaching that living isn’t only a ritual to suffer…

…but a remembrance of breathing smiles.


There’s a scripture etched on the wall….

..this maybe a destiny for erasing pain,

healing yesterday’s painful suffering

transforming love into a world she spins today…..



© Waspypoet, all rights copyrighted and reserved 12/2/2009


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