Caught in the Rain

Caught in the Rain delivers a tribute to those lost in minds, battling the invisible illness  of light decadence whilst delivering a show face of  colour, verve and ultimate magnetism……


Caught in the Rain


Even death gets caught in the rain, wandering streets whilst searching for the genius with cerebral flaws,

they all have them, the dark hours between light, the hovels and cupboards where they rest and hide from reality, whilst they charge their batteries for prime time stages and performances disguising the voids they are about to descend in to.

The long face and slow amble from the shadows toward the point of no return is evident, I fear for the welfare of he who reaches the heights then drops to his knees in private, scared of the applause, but craving it at that same moment.

Accompanied by screaming demons, it’s the brilliant acting that gives off illumination and smiles, and a seamless guile that enables all sacrifices to remain locked in the abodes of hell, awaiting to be found in the rain.

My ward is an actor, his strength is his colour and verve, his weakness his intelligence and hunger for perfection, straight lines and clean shirts…..

It’s in his corner he sits awaiting the call from the past, a doctor to cure no other than the impossible dream or death to walk in from the rain to take him home……



©Waspypoet 11/9/14



One thought on “Caught in the Rain

  1. Brilliant description of those who suffer from any of a myriad of incapacitation a…Everything from bi-polar disorder to depression creeps to mind…and hard as they try, darkness very often descends in a permanent fashion (case in point: Robin Williams)! Great write Nick…

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