What Comes After The Shake

What Comes After the Shake ?


What comes after the Fall (Autumn) ?

A winter of discontent or just prolonged rain , overcast days and long nights

with a lethargy of recycled gargling from last month’s mouthwash, still rinsing their broken minds…


What happens when the milkshake has gone, the colour, the flavour,

the intimacy of trying to share something no longer there…


Is it possible to hold on for those hot summer’s days and wide open fields where they used to be free ,

for the laughter of sheets that waved and sunrise frolics to return uninvited from a past distanced by unending tears and tantrums


There’s no happiness in reversing hands of time to address needy calls wanting service, only to find he thirsts for another’s cool shake.


What happens after the love, what dress does she attire and what face does he ?



© Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved 1/8/14



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