“Hey You”

“Hey You”


Once at 6am

her face infused my morning

staring long, dressed as elegant as ever,

but angry with life.


Her words echoed through transience,

on this path to no avail,

she follows my wherever went.


“Hey you”  (she whispers)…..I smile in refrain,

she speaks from poetry heavens,

“Hi” I whisper in quiet response.


I know she stands, I know she falls,

I can ne’er catch her as she’s never here,

I can only ever comfort her and lead her to the smile she gave me.

“Hey You” (I whisper)….



©Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved  31/3/11.


2 thoughts on ““Hey You”

  1. Here I am …….this time of the day reading this poem!
    They are beautiful and enjoyable to read x

  2. I’m sad you were awake at this time, but honoured you should be here 🙂 Perhaps you could create you’re own blog/diary……it would give everyone an insight to your immense beauty in strength, determination and inspire so many more fortunate to re-evaluate their lives #angel xx

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