Ruby Red Shoes

Written in 2007 Ruby Red Shoes is a great metaphor for all that’s wonderful in life and the colour one’s smile can deliver…..


Ruby Red Shoes

It’s Ruby Red Shoes who dances freely

down the winding roads of life,

delivering adversity a stinging glance

upon challenges of love and strife.

She moves with the grace of an angel

weightless in her footsteps weaved,

this is a girl with a smile on her face

who lifts people who need to be pleased.

Come trip the light with Ruby

In her elegance she’ll take you where,

the places you’ve only dreamed about

in moments you would only dare.

Her face beams with delicate emotions

Her touch as fine as lace,

she’ll dance with you until morning awakes 

returning pleasures unto your face.

It’s Ruby Red Shoes to search for

whenever clouds and storms arrive,

for she lights the world with her subtle desire 

through the beauty within her eyes.



©4/3/07 – Onwards Individual Authors of the Poetry, all poetry rights reserved.


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