Blushes Toward Spring……..

Nick’s ‘Blushes Toward Spring’ (below) was published at the Vox Poetica Poetry Salon based in NJ (USA) in 2014.

Blushes Toward Spring

A delicate display of innocent attraction in perpetuating light adorning a smile that endless riches could never attain, she emits one of her many blushes toward spring, whilst infusing a love for life, reminding us all of her omnipresent seductions.

Dusk delivers no greater regret than that of its darkness inviting her into its night bounding her with emotional waves of fear and loneliness, until morning wishes grant her a warm reprise of fabled aromas, succulent tastes, lovers in arms and melodic verses of soft lingering arias.

She stands tall beside her peers, a throng of nature’s own, as they stare toward midday admirations to ask for answers to the simplicity of a god-given beauty and its justifications in stunning shades of pastoral pink apart from the arming of civility and dignity to embrace her many fates.


Blush Toward Spring

All rights reserved by Nick Hawkins and Vox Poetica, This poem was first published at Vox Poetica ‘Prompts’ page……


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