Pavlovian Trilogy No.3 …Wherever You Are ?


Wherever You Are ?


‘Wherever You Are’ is the sequel to ‘Princess of Dreams’ and ‘Hey You’, complimenting impressionism of quality, acknowledging beauty in hidden depths of linear minds, creating misplacement whilst searching for oneself. 
Flowers no more bloom from where footsteps still this night
she lays her secret garden recalling shadows,
whoever may stand this place, now knows she breathes,
her spectre baring souls toward faces she only cares to find.
‘Wherever you are’ (she whispers)……….
Life is too precious to sail breezes amidst storms and prayer,
with her ‘reason’ only dining at tables where the sun rises first.
This, my 6am she appears from under her black laced veil to embrace my day. ‘It’s You’ (I whisper)…….as her medium delivers cerulean skies to appropriate overcast moments, permitting the splendour of another careless smile…….
She exists in binary as ‘the opposite’, sits in galleries bathing riches of Stratfordian fayre, but a prominence of soft a mellow voice baiting addiction and comfort gives an inherent response … ‘Wherever you are’ (I Whisper).
Faces she cares only to find, warm to her cold hands cupping their indulgence…
….and the beauty beneath her discreet veil remains her sword.



©Nick Hawkins, 5/3/13   


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