Santa Claus Lives Next Door

Approaching my favourite time of year inspires me to write, but it’s also a time for spreading the word from older writes, a bit like new presents in a mix in with old hymns. This is a poem written back in 2004 for children and is now at 12 years old is a junior itself, I was lucky to have some great feedback and one which seems grace with age.


Santa Claus Lives Next Door


Footprints in the snow
have let me know he’s been,
I think he came in the night
but wasn’t even seen.
Soot lies upon my fireplace
that dirty boy was near,
why does he have to creep about…
…there’s nothing here to fear.
He’s eaten all the mince pies
sipped away the milk,
apparently dressed from head to foot
in a coat of softly sillk.
Doesn’t he ever use the doors
doesn’t anybody see,
I think he thinks he owns the place…
…although he doesn’t possess  a key.
Ssshhh, I’ve just heard a sound
I think he’s still indoors,
yeah !… look under the Christmas tree…
…I can see his outstretched paws.
You see, Santa Claus is next door’s cat
he’s been coming round for years,
dining on all my Christmas treats…
…before he quietly disappears.

© 2/12/04, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by Nick Hawkins


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