Mother’s Child

Mother’s Child was written as a dedication to my wife and daughter in early 2011. The 14th October is my daughter’s birthday and Mother’s Child takes it’s bow at ‘The Boy From Here’. A dedicational piece that goes deeper than pure wishes, love takes all forms but none so than the desire to etch something permanently to remain forever…….


Mother’s Child

And in the glare of sunlight, you breathe soft,

bare seed sown, now all but grown,

raised on light of snow, through fierce storms and below an arid sun…

…you appear radiant in quiet refrain.


Beauty is captured within Nature’s premise of life.

Upon clouds looking down, she tenderly caressed my child,

nurturing prospect as her mothering infused unequivocal presence.


Innocent during Spring’s departing breeze, you adorn a dress of many colours,

whilst inviting eyes, embracing suitors declarations and wishes…

…of wanting nothing more than Summer never to turn and face their Fall.


A brief but unforgettable flourish of superfluous petals enhance life,

my response to your delicate demeanour is to smile silent to myself…

…and bathe in the glare of a three-quarter life sunlight where you bloom, just as your mother.




©Nick Hawkins 1/3/11, all rights reserved


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