Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb


Splitting the seams

laughing out loud,

making me smile

making me proud.

Kissing the moon

watching lost stars,

touching the distance

of never that far.

Reaching in times

hoping for reasons,

loving in minutes

breathing in seasons.

Writing of words

reading in verse

sitting quiet in corners

….do not disturb.


Dancing in harmony

elegant poise,

no one around

silence in noise.

Eyes meeting once

goodbyes a regret,

looking back yesterday

to where we once met.

Absence hails cries

in porcelain skies,

breaking one’s heart

with delicate eyes.

Scribing in words

etched final verse,

in shadows now pleading

….do not disturb.


©Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved 12/12/10


2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Thanks Mand, if words can lighten life and bring a smile, then it becomes worthwhile. Thanks for always taking time to read and comment, poetry always delivers in a way life sometimes cannot xxx

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