Written in 2008 as a tribute to one of my favourite heroines ‘Greer Garson’ comes ‘Smile’


Because at the end of the day all I wanted, was to smile,

be happy, content, living in black and white 35mm a while,

never to inhale darkness through nostrils of tempering fire,

but to enjoy a beauty I loved, in plain and simple desire.

I wanted to walk the avenues of passion and innocent pleasures,

run silver screens in moments of treasure,

walk arm in arm with her elegance that dared

to laugh in adversity like only she cared.

I would look to the skies and think the rolling credits were ours,

as we stood in the rain, but out of the showers,

lay in her orchards within gentle kisses,

whilst embracing the words her presence so wishes.    

Because at the end of the day all I wanted to do was smile,

sit at one with perfection and my thoughts a while,

rest my head on the shoulder that endears my mind,

to be charmed by this addiction, of this iconic divine.

© Nick.Hawkins, all poetry rights copyrighted and reserved 6.2.2008


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