“A Friend We Somehow Found”

This is one of the first poems I’d written in 2004 and one that gave me such courage to send work to the USA for review. 

It made writing seem so worthwhile, It is the definitive ‘A Friend We Somehow Found’, a tribute and appreciation for the right person who at some point of our life appears (even to the extent of not even possibly meeting them yet).

True friends are hard to find and genuine friends irreplaceable……..


A Friend We Somehow Found 

Is this our message in a bottle
or a cry from beneath the ground,
an opportunity to say ‘hello’
to a friend we somehow found.
Is this an exclusive mirror
one in which only we exist,
a case where touch is sadly absent
In thoughts, perhaps a kiss.
Do we flow through solitary portals
within the tears we cry at night,
did I hear you call my name today
within a distant ambered light.
Can we grasp the meaning
in which or why we’re laying here,
and do we stare empty once again
because it’s our loneliness we fear.
Is this our embrace of likened minds
tepid eyes that see the same,
two pieces of delicate ivory
in an existence we call a game.
Is this our moment to trust the call
from beyond a world we’ve always known
and rest in the comfort of realising friends…
will never love alone…..

© Nick Hawkins Poetry , all poetry rights copyrighted and reserved 17/3/04


2 thoughts on ““A Friend We Somehow Found”

  1. Hi mate Hope you are well great to hear from you..
    I aint wrote since Mum died don’t have the passion been really low tbh
    Need to get some inspiration..keep in touch pal pls and keep the good work up as usual fantastic

  2. Cheers Steve, see Rob last week and I’m planning to pop out and see you very soon. Let me know when you’re there, so we don’t miss each other. Take care and speak soon 🙂

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