Charles Augustus Milverton

And suddenly I wanted to write about Sherlock Holmes, and this introduces one of people Sherlock (apparently) most despised………..Charles Augustus Milverton

Anne Shelby (aka The Dark Lady) —The wife of a nobleman and statesman who was blackmailed by Charles Augustus Milverton and whose husband died of a broken heart upon receiving the indiscreet  letters.  She was described as having a dark, handsome, clear-cut face,  glittering  eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile. Her name is never mentioned, but she was a noble celebrity with a time honored  title.  Holmes and Watson observed her shoot Milverton repeatedly  with a revolver, but she was allowed to escape out of sense of justice.

Charles Augustus Milverton 

The worst man in London……“Of all the 50 odd murderers and all the crime, nothing adheres to the pit of my stomach more than that of Milverton and his type”


Outside the bounds of morality

Little man of revulted face

Arrives at homes of innocent life

Breathing darkness upon delicate faith


He proposes knowledge so discreet

Threatening exposure in public domain

Personal disgrace isn’t his mind

In sentiments, it’s financial gain


Beady eyes searching reams of announcements

Scouring the shadows of documents fair

Preparing grief for another demise

And a case for the seventeen stairs


Shelby visits hands of distinguishing feature

To plunder her remnants of pride

Witnessing shots from behind closed curtains

The master proclaims closure for noble resides


Murderers close the closer

From the depths of their numbers scorned

And society sighs in recumbent relief

As their secrets are once more adorned


Hampstead on the eeriest morn

Silent in their wanton reprieve

A carriage carrying dark evil to rest

It’s Milverton who no longer deceives


©Nick Hawkins 1/12/10, all poetry rights reserved


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